Creating an account

Thank you for being interested in creating an account with us! To get started, first go to the Apomatix homepage and click on the ‘Get Started’ icon on the top right.

This will take you to the sign up page. Fill in your details in the required boxes and agree to our terms and conditions to get started in the signing up process.

Once you have completed this step, you will be sent an email that will allow you to confirm your email address.

Then use the details you entered to login to the account you have just created.

Once you’ve logged in, you will be asked to create and instance (if you are unsure what an instance is, our definition is here:  Instance Definition). Click on ‘Create instance’ to go to the next step.

Id you would like any help with creating an instance, the instructions of how to create one is outlined here: How to Add an Instance

There you are! I hope that helped. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on our contact us page: Contact Us Page

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